Stacey says: “I was just a mom…I didn’t prioritize myself.”

When we started working together, Stacey was a mom of 4 awesome kids, babysitting to make some extra cash on top of being a fulltime mama.

She needed something to get back to HER – she had nothing for herself outside of being a mom.

We started working together and within a couple months, she was crushing her training and nutrition.

A couple months after that, she started studying for her first training certs.

She’s now a published fitness model, certified trainer and nutrition coach with a thriving business and owner of multiple businesses – including an amazing spa in her hometown.

Stacey went from “just a mom” to powerhouse mama and entrepreneur simply by PRIORITIZING herself.

Watch my interview with Stacey here:


On the far left, Nat was struggling with balancing work as an advertising exec, being a mom to toddler twin boys, and taking care of herself.

She reached out after seeing one of her friend’s amazing transformations with us.

Our first year together, Nat lost over 30lbs and FORTY inches.

Since then she’s been crushing goals, building muscle (check out dat booty) and shedding more fat.

Last year, after making INSANE progress, completely overhauling her lifestyle and establishing her new balanced system (middle pic), she decided she wanted to have all the loose skin from losing so much weight removed to continue her journey and feel better in her skin.

She DEMANDED that I include this part of her story for you…

See, since starting her fitness journey, Nat struggled seeing other people’s transformations because she felt like she could NEVER look like that.

She wants you to know that her transformation did NOT happen overnight and wants to be VERY honest and up front about her tummy tuck ON TOP OF HER LIFESTYLE TRANSFORMATION so that YOU can see the full process and know what went into this transformation.

She put in the work to transform her body and life (from far left to middle pic) – and wanted to bolster that hard work with some finishing touches ✨

Is she done yet? Not even close…

I cannot WAIT to see her light up the studio at her photoshoot this summer and crush some BIG ASS life goals


We all want to be able to do everything for everyone but rarely take time for ourselves… which leaves us feeling tired and frustrated.

That was EXACTLY where Barb was when she reached out.

She says: “I was struggling to make a healthy lifestyle for me a priority. When something had to give, it was usually my workout for the day; it always seemed to be the easiest option but left me feeling disappointed. It felt like I was riding a roller coaster.”

But now? Barb lost 18lbs but she says: “forget about the scale, I lost an all around total of about 20.5 inches!” AND is eating literally an ENORMOUS amount of food.

I’m so excited for what the future holds for you Barb and the kiddos now that mama’s taken the reins and is LIVING HER BEST LIFE!!