My FIVE Coffee Shop Rules for Staying Fit

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If you’re like me, and can’t live without coffee and coffee shops, follow these five rules for minimizing calories, sugar and fats in your favorite coffee drinks:

RULE 1: Minimize Syrup

Syrups are essentially nothing more than pure sugar, easily piling up unnecessary calories. So, by reducing the amount of pumps you get in your drink – even one pump of syrup – can trim off approximately 20 calories and five grams of sugar!

And if you’re like me (and can tolerate it) switch to a sugar-free syrup – it offers the same sweet taste without the calories and sugar. They come in cinnamon dolce, vanilla, caramel, hazelnut, mocha, and peppermint.

RULE 2: Swap Out Milks

Simply swapping out whole or two percent milks with non-fat milk naturally cuts fat and calorie content without compromising calcium content. You can also switch regular milk for unsweetened almond or coconut milk if dairy isn’t your thing.

RULE 3: Downsize

Considering the limited edition of these holiday drinks (and if you absolutely can’t stand the taste of sugar alcohols), you can absolutely enjoy them in their untouched full-sugary form. But instead of ordering the largest cup available, downsize your cup and enjoy every bit of Holiday yumminess.

RULE 4: Ask for Extra Foam

Asking for extra foam to top your beverage automatically cuts down on calories, as the foam is lighter in volume and calories compared to milk straight from the carton.

RULE 5: Skip the Toppings

Whether it comes with whipped cream, sugary crumbs, chocolate shavings, or otherwise, you can save 50-90 calories, tons of sugar and tons of fat by holding the toppings. Instead, opt for the cinnamon and nutmeg – most coffee shops have spices by the cream/milk and sugar for extra flavor.

PS – The Holiday Season is here!



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