How to NOT Eat EVERYTHING Over the Holidays

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OK, so the Holidays are coming. The Christmas music has started. The decorations are in the stores. Your overachiever friends have already bought all their gifts. And if you’re anything like me, Holidays = Food. If you follow me on IG, you know I love food. Not like your average foodie, I mean, I. LOVE. FOOD. I honestly look forward to eating every day; every meal. And this love is only made stronger during the Holidays.

SO, how do I not gain 100lbs every December? I follow three rules:

  1. ONLY EAT OFF PLAN WHEN YOU’RE WITH PEOPLE. In other words, don’t be that person shoving chocolate bars and Christmas candy into your mouth like a starving hyena while running around doing your shopping alone. Eat well when you’re alone (keep protein bars in your bag for when you’re out shopping, going from work to parties/shopping). There are a ton of parties and events during the Holidays, so save your delicious treats/off-plan foods to enjoy in the company of your loved ones (or for drinks to get through the office parties with all your beloved coworkers <- sarcasm).


  1. PSYCHE YOURSELF UP. BEFORE you get to parties, decide what treats you’re going to have and whether you want your off-plan (unhealthy) calories to come from drinks OR food. I like to drink, but there are a lot of calories and sugars in alcohol, so decide BEFORE going to the party what you want to drink and/or eat and stick to it.


  1. REMEMBER YOUR DAILY CALORIC INTAKE. Staying on track comes down to your total daily caloric intake. You’ll likely know if you have to go to a party later in the day, so save your carbs and fats from earlier meals for later in the day (yes, I know it’s not IDEAL to eat late at night, but we’re talking about the Holidays here). I’m also DEFINITELY NOT recommending skipping meals. Still have your meals and especially protein, but reallocate some of your carbs and fats from earlier meals (if you don’t know how to do this, message me ;)).


So, this is how I get through the Holidays without hating myself for eating everything and without hating my life for not enjoying myself. I’m all about balance.

As you may have noticed, I still HAVE a plan (I have a meal plan and macros that I follow). I think a lot of people just go nuts and completely throw their plans out the window (or don’t have one to start with), but that is a HUGE mistake if you have weight loss/maintenance goals.

If you need to figure out your macros, check out Coach JVB’s FREE macro calculator to get you started! And if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out!

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