Landing My First Major Magazine Spread

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This past spring, I was contacted by an editor at Inside Fitness Magazine (one of Canada’s leading fitness magazines). He asked me a couple questions and and informed me I might be featured in an upcoming issue of Inside Fitness.

Of course, I was absolutely PSYCHED to hear I might make it into a national fitness magazine! I had been published in Inside Fitness before with Hot & Fit 100 and sponsor ads, but I had never had an actual entire feature about me.

When the issue launched, I was legit BLOWN AWAY with the feature. It wasn’t just a one-page image of me with some personal/fitness info, I had landed the “Main Attraction” feature with a full blown 8-page spread – tons of images, quotes and info. Needless to say, I was shocked!

I found a copy at my local Chapters (which was SO COOL), and was even more shocked to see myself in the top right corner of the cover (right over Steve Cooke’s shoulder haha).

A few days later, I learned my spread was the magazine’s largest “Main Attraction” feature ever – SO MANY FEELS! I was ecstatic. To be featured in one of Canada’s biggest fitness magazines and reach such a wide audience with my message of self-care, self-love and balance was incredible. And for it to happen so soon after leaving my corporate career to go full-time into fitness was just serendipitously motivating and reassuring.

Moral of the story…chase your goals and dreams. Be consistent in the actions and behaviours that drive you toward your goals and take advantage of opportunities as they come to you.

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