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Hey, I’m Jac and helping women get STRONG af is my superpower.

As a master trainer with over 10 years experience specializing in women’s health, I approach health and wellness from a holistic and REALISTIC perspective - what’s the point in having abs if you never go out and have fun and enjoy it?!
With me, we’ll find balance between enjoying life, celebrating the body you have while pushing you to new goals.

As a national champion fitness competitor and fitness model, I know the extremes in the health and wellness industry and am here to show you a better way.
I've helped 1000s of women over the last decade get into the BEST shape of their lives without giving up the best parts of life - fun, food, friends and fam!

Together, we’ll get you to your goals and along the way I’ll show you just how much farther you can go!

Let’s create the life of your dreams!

My objective as a coach is to give women the tools, knowledge and coaching to establish lifelong healthy habits, get strong AF, more confident than ever and NEVER EVER diet again.

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